Glowing skin, more youthful appearance, stronger joints, and ligaments, faster recovery, luscious hair, strong nails… The list of possible positive side-effects from ingesting collagen goes on and on.


But what is it exactly?


Collagen is a protein and what makes up the structure of the skin’s second layer, aka the dermis. We often describe collagen as the glue that keeps everything in our body together so this is important stuff!  However, as we get older, the body’s production of collagen slows down and it can show up as fine lines, poor skin elasticity, and dull skin. Collagen increases skin moisture so that skin appears more dewy, plump and youthful.



Collagen contains the amino acids glycine, lysine, and proline that helps your body generate more rapid cell growth. This means you’ll see an improved look and feel of your skin! These amino acids are also essential for building new connective tissue and therefore they are useful when healing from injury, birth or surgery. Collagen can even help heal acne scars!


By adding more collagen to our diet, whether in the form of supplementation or by eating more bone broth, we can bring back our youthful glow, support skin healing and gut health.


You can simply purchase a powder called collagen peptides and use it as you would any protein powder. It is tasteless and dissolves easily so it can easily be added to any beverage – coffee, tea, soups, smoothies or overnight oats… You name it. You can also sneak collagen peptides into foods like granola bars, bliss balls or your kids’ pancakes!


Collagen is also naturally found in bone broth and it’s is always ideal to get our nutrients in food – that way they are better absorbed and is delivered alongside other nutrients that also help the body absorb and use these nutrients. It’s a beautiful thing! Gelatin, also found in bone broth, has amazing gut-healing benefits and helps fend off inflammation and promote healthy, glowing skin.


Start embracing this truly healing food and with some consistent use you should see great results within weeks.



by Katrine Van Wyk

Katrine is a certified health coach, yoga teacher, author of the book Best Green Drinks Ever and Best Green Eats Ever and mama to Felix and Freya.

Artwork by Amanda Pagan 

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