” I had to prove that I can have technical skill while wearing a jumpsuit covered in egg illustrations or power clashing prints. It took a lot to be taken seriously while also staying relatable and silly; finding the balance of staying true to myself and professional.”


Mischa Golebiewski

Mischa g, Misch.

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York. The Dingus Day capital of the world.

Doesn’t everyone need both? I like chaotic order or orderly chaos.

I’m a (newly) freelance hairstylist who cuts clients, travels for fashion week, does editorial, teaches, and makes poorly edited videos doing my own hair.

I was always interested in the beauty world in general. My father did NOT want any of his children in the service industry so I did not go to hair school right away. Out of high school, I tried fashion classes (hated it) then I was a biology major for two years with plans to apply to medical school (organic chemistry broke me) so I switched to an Art history major and French minor. I then again changed my mind and dropped out of college with only 30 credits remaining and went to a beauty school above an Applebees inside of a strip mall and that was that. I wanted to do hair. I would obsessively watch the Bumble and bumble Hair-stories videos in school and mimic everything I saw. I knew that was the esthetic path I wanted to follow and early on set my sights on moving to NYC to join the Bumble team. I wasn’t interested in any other company or training.

I knew I had bigger plans I wanted to achieve post-school than most of my classmates. I could never be happy just working in a small salon with nothing else. I wanted to move to a big city, work for a large company, do fashion week, do editorials I realized I had to do a lot on my own and put myself into vulnerable and uncomfortable situations to reach the goals I set. Revelation: it isn’t always easy but it’s worth it.



I get to travel meet so many new people every day. I love making people feel beautiful (or questionable which is a favorite ) I mean, it’s just hair sweetie! And it’s the best most versatile job on earth.

It was initially hard to get respect as a female who wears a ton of color. I had to prove that I can have technical skill while wearing a jumpsuit covered in egg illustrations or power clashing prints. It took a lot to be taken seriously while also staying relatable and silly; finding the balance of staying true to myself and professional.

Also, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket because when that basket decides it doesn’t want you anymore it HURTS! (DEEP things)

Personality and being OK with having people not like what I do.

I try to have everything rooted somewhat in a technical approach but then I just do what feels good. When I cut I don’t measure measure measure (not because I can’t but because that doesn’t work for me ) I do it more by feel and how the hair falls. I’m always touching and moving my own hair so I try to do hair the same way.

I’m working on EVERYTHING! My split with Bumble and bumble after 10 years really shook things up. Do I want an agent? Need a manager? Babysitter? I have NO clear path right now so I can mishmash my own. I am still working on several teams backstage and cutting clients in salon. But moving forward I want to figure out how to teach again, travel all over to cut and shoot. (Anyone have any suggestions – I’m open!)

DENNIS LANNI!!! I’m lucky enough to work on several teams backstage that are inspiring with Duffy, James Pecis, Laurent Philippon, Holli Smith, Jimmy Paul, Rolando Beauchamp. Ward cracks me up! And Odile is such a female powerhouse in the ‘Man’s’ world. There are so many!

In a vintage tropical paradise surrounded by puppies ?

Nothing is typical at all!

This is pre-hair school. I was a model for a color company during a hair show in Buffalo. I had to give them complete freedom to do as they please (I now know what hair shows are like and regret this decision).

They dyed my hair on stage neon orange and put a yellow star design in the crown and cut it into some weird emo warped tour groupie thing. I was on stage in a cape for the big reveal and when they took the cape off the tiny black bandeau top had slid all the way down around my waist, so I flashed the entire audience shining bright like a terrible star.



Taking care of my small farm of 3 animals – 2 dogs named Chicken and Bean and a trash cat with 6 toes named Sprout (@chickenbeansprout) with my Wife Morgan Stuart.

What’s going to be the next ‘beach wave’? And why do we need so many damn tutorials on it ?!?

Learn from the past. Study the hair hero’s, apprentice, practice, humble yourself.

Maggie Ryan (a Bumble stylist of many years and Buffalo native) told me early on that I had all the creativity and ideas BUT did not yet have the foundation or knowledge to move further. So instead of pretending I knew everything I took a step back and took the time to learn the craft so I can make all those ideas I had actually work.

Also don’t be a d*ck.

Recently – airports!

They are real wacky places where you see people’s true colors. And I always love most of the older flight attendants hair. Snatched!

Also, I love listening to why little kids dress themselves the way they do and why they cut their hair themselves. It always makes perfect sense! Like cutting bangs with paper scissors so you can see better! Genius!



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