What is theKnow?

We are lovers of beauty. We muse on culture, identity, and presence. We tell stories and explore the beauty of our world. At the moment we are obsessed with hair. We celebrate what inspires us, we explore what intrigues us, and we share because we believe that being open, curious, and forever learning is the modern way to live.


Our Community

Launched at the end of 2017, theKnow’s community is a member’s only group of leading beauty professionals around the globe.

The community’s conversation primarily happens online and is centered on the values of mutual positive impact. We also host events to learn and to connect with one another. We will soon be launching a shop for our members to earn commissions via on-demand product sales.

The strength of our community comes from uniting talented individuals with integrity, so that we can push each other forward, and make our own rules.

Our members are vetted by industry insiders including co-founder James Pecis, and get access to resources to develop professionally, collaboratively, and creatively.

Join theKnow to connect with other inspiring industry creatives, craft your lifestyle and expand your potential, and help us create the reality you want in your world.


To become a member, apply HERE.